The U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers’ 2023 Calendar Is A Funny Blend Of Engineering And Entertainment!

The Portland District of the US Army Corps of Engineers, a federal agency, created a quirky and free downloadable calendar featuring cats. These giant cats interact with Oregon's dams and infrastructure along the Columbia, Willamette, and Rogue rivers. The calendar offers hilarious descriptions for each month. Download and print the 2023 calendar here: [link].

"Gosh, every time the reservoir at Hills Creek is low, this darn cat shows up! We understand it thinks the intake structure makes a great scratching post. But that structure has important work to do, okay? It allows water to pass through safely via the regulating outlet or powerhouse. This dam is in Oakridge, Oregon.

Image credits: usace.contentdm.oclc.orgThis calendar might leave you both smiling and inspired with their accompanying quotes:

"They aren't a toy, cats!

Ah well, two new openings if anyone wants 'em."

Image credits: usace.contentdm.oclc.orgIt stands out with its cleverness:

"Just hoping it doesn't crush Green Peter Dam."

Image credits: usace.contentdm.oclc.orgThe pages of this calendar are where giant kittens and cat-themed quotes bring a touch of humor to even the most mundane of tasks:

"Let's be honest: You know if cats were giant this would be a real photo"

"The Oregon State Police's special operations rope team did some rappel training and recertification at the John Day Dam navigation lock fairly recently, and it was pretty sweet.

We wouldn't scale down the side of the 100-foot wall ourselves until this giant cat showed up. Then we felt like we had to impress it."

"Ah. Nothing like 60,000 cubic feet of water per second to rock you to sleep.

OK, well, the cat is down for the count. Suffice it to say that this is a LOT of water."

Image credits: usace.contentdm.oclc.orgThe quote on July 2023 calendar page says: "We'd do it, too, if we were a cat. "

Image credits: usace.contentdm.oclc.orgAugust's quote is a humorous reminder to embrace your inner cat:

"You can be anything you want to be, cat. Keep the dream alive.

And keep South Jetty safe for us, all right? Our contractors helping us rehabilitate South Jetty just wrapped up work for the season.

See you in May 2024!"

"Seen here are the famous towers at the John Day Dam navigation lock.

Well… They're famous to us, anyway. "

October 2023 | A giant cat might show up and knock you off

"During king tides, it's best to avoid walking on jetties. They come with various dangers like powerful waves, slippery rocks, and potential holes. Oh, and just kidding, there's no chance of a giant cat knocking you off. It's zero, very, very zero."

Image credits: usace.contentdm.oclc.orgThis calendar captures the essence of cats and their natural habits:

"Well that's just typical, isn't it?"

Image credits: usace.contentdm.oclc.orgCalendar creators humorously remind that cats do whatever they want, whenever they want, with a clever collection of quotes highlighting their mischievous and carefree nature:

"Even if you're at Elk Creek Dam in the Rogue River Basin.

Do your thang, cat. We'll just look over here."

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