TikTok star famous for eating nostalgic food dead at 33

A TikToker famous for eating strange and nostalgic food has reportedly died at age 33.

Taylor, who posted using the username  on TikTok, is believed to have suffered a fatal heart attack on Wednesday, according to his brother, Clayton.

The influencer — whose full name is Taylor Claydorm,  — amassed a loyal following on the, with over 1.7 million followers and 32.8 million likes of him eating bizarre foods, such as canned cheeseburgers and expired novelty foods.

Clayton  that Taylor died after being rushed to a hospital in Louisiana. He had reportedly been experiencing some discomfort and initially called his mother before calling an ambulance when he began to feel worse, according to TMZ.

A  by Taylor’s brother said he passed away at approximately 10 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11, from a “presumed heart attack.”

“He was rushed to the hospital and about an hour, hour-and-a-half later he passed away,” according to Clayton.

TikTok star @Wafffler69 has died from a presumed heart attack at age 33.TikTok / wafffler69

@claydormRest in piece Bubba I love you  @wafffler69♬ original sound – Claydorm

The TikToker was known for his food videos, in which he tested bizarre and nostalgic food.TikTok / wafffler69

@wafffler69Replying to @lizmars69 I have dipped the Loop into the waters of lake minnetonka #big #fruit #loop #cereal #mschf #food #foodtok @wafffler69♬ original sound – wafffler69

In the clip, Clayton asked people to keep viewing Taylor’s videos to “keep his legacy alive.”

“He loved making people happy,” he added about Taylor, who cross-posted content to  and .

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