Heartwarming Homecoming: Military mom surprises son at spring concert in Loxahatchee

It was a very special moment for a mother and son, finally being reunited after six months apart.

On Tuesday, Acreage Pines Elementary School held its annual spring concert, and for one 5th grader, it was an emotional reunion.

Marco Antonio De Valle's mom and dad are both deployed Airmen. His mother, Master Sgt. Yelida Del Valle Ruiz spent more than two days traveling from her base in Guam to surprise her son in person.

"I just wanted to squeeze him. I couldn't wait to hug him and put my arms around him." Master Sgt. Del Valle Ruiz said.

In the video, Marco's music teacher led him to the front of the stage during the concert and mentioned his mother, mentioning if he had anything he wanted to say to her now. Moments later, Master Sgt. Del Valle Ruiz stepped out to her son's astonishment.

The two tightly embraced as the cheers and applause from the crowd filled the auditorium.

"Then when she said right now. I got excited," Marco said, holding back tears.

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