Crazed man sets gas station on fire with a blowtorch, traps worker behind blaze, wild video shows!The fire covered nearly the entire store in less than two seconds.

A 35-year-old man named Julian Waddell Miller has been charged with intent to murder, first-degree arson, and other felonies after allegedly setting a gas station on fire using a blowtorch. The incident occurred at around 2:50 am on June 20 at a gas station on West Seven Mile Road in Detroit. CCTV footage captured the suspect dumping trash from a bin on the floor before setting it alight with a blue blowtorch, which caused a raging inferno that trapped the clerk behind the counter. The employee was treated for first-degree burns. Miller was arrested on June 22 and released on Friday on a $100,000 bond, pending a bond redetermination hearing on Monday and a probable cause hearing on Friday.

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