EXCLUSIVE! New 'Walking Dead' Series Is Ordered At AMC Featuring 6 Episodes With A Bite-Sized Twist!

A new Walking Dead series, titled More Tales From the TWDU, has been ordered at AMC, featuring six episodes with bite-sized stories contained.

AMC has ordered a new series in  universe that will feature even more bite-sized stories from the ever-expanding zombie universe. Following the end of 's flagship series, AMC has opted to expand the franchise through various spinoffs. While three upcoming spinoffs will focus on characters from the original show, chief creative officer Scott Gimple has expressed interest in returning to  in the future.

Now, reports that AMC has announced , the working title for a second anthology series set in universe. Similar to , the new series will feature six episodes that will tell stories within the expanding zombie TV franchise. Gimple will be developing the project for AMC's Content Room, which specializes in digital original series. The series will differ from  by having short-form stories within the episodes.

What To Expect From More Tales From the TWDU

acts as a follow-up to  , which showed different survivors and their journeys at different points in the zombie apocalypse. Episode 3 of the anthology series featured a , who would later adopt the title Alpha of the Whisperers, a villain group in seasons 9 and 10. The other episodes featured original characters, including Terry Crews as lonely survivor Joe.

In November 2022, Gimple teased more , mentioning as a possible way to bring older characters back. Because the new anthology series' working title is specifically , it may have a stronger focus on connecting different parts of universe. This implies that pre-established characters could be a major focus of the series, bringing old faces back to the world of the dead.

One story the series could tell is the backstory of Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita from , who are implied to have met Althea from at some point in their journey. Other stories include what happened to Heath following his disappearance in season 7, or Alex and Jake's fate after Strand leaves them at sea in season 2. With plenty of potential stories for , it appears universe is going to grow ever more expansive.

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