Missing Girl Says 'No One Hurt Me' As She Turns Up Four Years On!

An autistic teenager named Alicia Navarro who went missing in Arizona four years ago has been found in Montana. Alicia, who is now 18, appeared at a police precinct in Montana, and officers from Glendale, Arizona, immediately scheduled an emergency meeting with her.

They filmed her telling them that nobody had hurt her. It is still a mystery how Alicia traveled over 1,000 miles alone to the small town on the Canadian border, but her mother expressed her relief that her daughter is alive and well. Alicia's disappearance in 2019 prompted a massive search that involved the FBI, but no concrete evidence of an abduction was found. Alicia, who was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, may have been lured away by someone she met online.

Police and investigators are now working to determine what happened to her during her time away. Alicia is safe and not facing any criminal charges. Her mother hopes that this case will serve as an example to others to never lose hope and always fight for their missing loved ones.

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