Why Alісіа From Feаr The Wаlkіng Deаd Lookѕ So Fаmіlіаr

In 2012, AMC released "Fear the Walking Dead," an ongoing post-apocalyptic drama series set in the same narrative universe as AMC's "The Walking Dead." The story follows a blended family as they struggle to survive the onset of the zombie apocalypse. Later, as their numbers deplete, the story shifts focus to follow Morgan Jones (Lennie James), a character from AMC's flagship series. While "Fear the Walking Dead," like all long-running television shows, features a constantly shifting cast of characters, one person has been there for the whole story: Alicia Clark.

Alicia started "Fear the Walking Dead" as a normal teenager, struggling to adapt to her surroundings, but as the world shifted and became infinitely more lethal, she grew. She grew so much that fans often describe her as the emotional core of the entire production. Season 7 offered a soft, open-ended conclusion for Alicia, allowing her to stay gone or return, as the actress may desire… and that actress might, or might not. It really just depends on where she wants to take her career next, because Alycia Debnam-Carey seems to be on the cusp of many great things.

Debnam-Carey 's resume only features 20 or so acting credits, but no small amount of them are significant roles. Here's where you might have seen her before.

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