11 People Who Have Taken Plastic Surgery To The Extreme


1. Billionaire socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, 77, has had multiple surgeries reportedly to look more feline.

Dubbed the "Catwoman" by tabloids, the Swiss-born socialite has reportedly spent more than $2 million on surgeries. Her first was an eye lift. In a 1998 Vanity Fair article, her ex-husband Alec Wildenstein described how frequent the plastic surgery became.    
"She was thinking that she could fix her face like a piece of furniture," he said.


"Skin does not work that way. But she wouldn't listen."

2. Justin Jedlica is known as the "human Ken doll."

Jedlica was 17 when he first decided he wanted a nose job. But without his parent's permission he had to wait until he was 18. Since then, he has undergone more than 150 procedures. He offers consulting services for others looking to modify their appearance. 

3. But Rodrigo Alves has also been dubbed a "human Ken doll."


Alves is well-known around the globe for his extensive surgeries — more than 50 — and extravagant fashion. According to his website, he has been on more than 50 television shows in over 30 countries to share his experiences. He is also incredibly active on social media. 

4. Model Pixee Fox had six ribs removed to achieve a tiny waist.

Known as the "living cartoon," Fox's work has been inspired by the cartoon Jessica Rabbit from the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"


During a special on Channel 4 called "Plastic and Proud," Fox described herself as her "own work of art." Though she can't name all of the work she has had done, she did mention four breast augmentations, four nose jobs, surgery to make her ears more elvish, some 
liposuction, six ribs removed, an entire jaw reconstruction, and more. 

5. Natasha Crown is striving for the world's biggest butt and her's is currently 85 inches around.


While on "The Doctors," the 24-year-old said she has had three Brazilian butt lifts in her life but wants more. She also wants additional work on her boobs and nose. She had her first butt lift when she was 20.

6. Neven Ciganovic, a 47-year-old who goes by Starletan, had his first surgery when he was 22.

The Croatian Instagram star has undergone numerous procedures over the past 25 years, starting with his first silicone lip injections. While on "Plastic and Proud," Ciganovic went through a list of procedures, including three nose jobs and cheek implants.


"I just want to stop this aging," he said on the Channel 4 special series. 

7. Bryan Ray has had more than 90 surgeries in journey to look like Britney Spears.

According to Cosmopolitan, Ray, 32, has spent more than $80,000 on procedures, including getting veneers, a nose job, regular Botox treatments, fat injections in his cheeks, laser hair removal, and lip fillers.
While on "Plastic and Proud," Ray said he was 16 when the idea of cosmetic surgery first popped into his head.



8. Vinny Ohh wants to become a "genderless alien."

Ohh turned to plastic surgery for his dreams to become a "perfect alien." On an episode of "Botched," Ohh said his first surgery was a nose job. In an interview for Barcroft TV in 2017, Ohh said he has had three surgeries and 110 procedures. 

9. Lacey Wildd's bust has gone from an A cup to a Q.


The model and mother of six went on "Botched" in 2014. Because of her large and heavy chest, she had pig skin implanted around the edges and underneath her breasts to secure and hold them, according to E!. 

10. Herbert Chavez has undergone numerous procedures to look like Superman.

Chavez told "Botched" that he had 23 surgeries and procedures as of 2015, including procedures to sculpt the perfect abs. He also said he'd like to be known as the "Man of Plastic.


11. A woman named Tiffany had 13 plastic surgeries in a single year to look more like Ivanka Trump.

Tiffany appeared on E!'s "Botched" to discuss her attempt at looking like President Donald Trump's daughter.
During an episode of ABC's "Nightline," she said she has had a breast augmentation, a nose job, cheek injections, a "mini" eye lift, liposuction, and fat grafts added to her cheeks.



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