Blue Bloods: One Quote From Each Main Character That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

CBS recently announced that the network would be renewing its long-running family police drama  for a thirteenth season. The next season will air alongside CBS's other long-running police procedurals  and the reboot of

The show continues to draw in millions of viewers every week because of the characters who lead the show. Each member of the Reagan family and their partners have unique personalities that sometimes clash but never push the family so far apart that they miss the ever-important Sunday dinner. At some point in the show, each character has uttered a line that perfectly describes their personality.

Danny Reagan

"Well, I’d like to beat the crap out of you, but guess what, sometimes we don’t always get what we want, do we?"

Danny Reagan is the witty middle brother who always has something to say even when he's at work. Danny isn't afraid to let suspects know precisely what he thinks, especially if he feels they are acting smug or being uncooperative.

Danny also tends to say things that get him into trouble with his superiors, but there is some leeway when your dad is the police commissioner. Danny often delivers sharp one-liners that earn an eye roll from his serious older sister but endears viewers to his personality.

Erin Reagan

"Yeah, that’s a beauty to being the boss; I get to call the shots."

Erin Reagan is one of the , which is probably how she got her job as the Assistant District Attorney. Even though she is in a male-dominated field, Erin isn't afraid to give orders and make sure they are followed, whether at home or in her office.

Erin doesn't put up with any nonsense from anyone. Like her father, Erin does everything by the book and refuses to do anything that could jeopardize her case, unlike her brother Danny.

Jamie Reagan

"I will always have your back. If you fall behind, I will wait up."

In his vows to Eddie, Jamie sums up his personality perfectly. As the youngest of the Reagans, Jamie has always had his family supporting him, but as they all grow older, he has become the shoulder to lean on when the family hits hard times.

Jamie is a family man and will protect his loved ones at any cost, even if it puts his own life in danger. Even though he is the baby of the group, Jamie has a somber personality, and when he says something sentimental, he truly means it.

Henry Reagan

"Bad things happen to everyone, boys. We all get knocked down. What matters is you get up. You keep going."

Most grandpas have a treasure trove of wisdom that they can't wait to impart to their children and grandchild, and Henry Reagan is no exception. As the show's , Henry always uses his position at the head of the table to give his kids the advice they desperately need.

Henry has faced many hardships in his time but has used his resilience to aid his family through many tragedies. He is the joyful and wise grandpa that everyone hopes for at some point.

Frank Reagan

"I would walk down to the local precinct and turn myself in because nobody's above the law, and without the law, nobody is safe."

In one of his  plays police commissioner Frank Reagan, the human embodiment of doing things by the book, even in hypothetical situations. Frank takes his role as the commissioner very seriously and has difficulty loosening up.

He is rarely seen having fun in the show, even with his young grandchildren. The tragedies of the Reagan family have hardened Frank into the stoic patriarch that audiences know him to be. Only in the happiest moments does Frank smile, and it is often only for a second.

Abigail Baker

"...What I never understood is how important your visit is to the officer's family. Thank you."

Abigail Baker is the perfect counterpart to Frank as she is also strong and stoic but is more likely to share her true feelings when the situation calls for it. Abigail is the wall that separates the outside world from the commissioner, and no one gets past her without her say-so, no matter who they are.

Even in the direst situations, like when her husband is shot, Abigail maintains a stoic and professional demeanor until she is alone. Abigail is even professional when thanking the commissioner for supporting her during her troubling time, a moment that anyone would become emotional.

Garrett Moore

"We have more than we can handle on every given day as it is."

Garrett Moore is good at his job as the commissioner's Deputy Commissioner of Public Information, but he isn't afraid to let people know that the fancy office does not mean the job is easy. Moore is one of the more loose-lipped members of the cast as he never holds his tongue in front of the commissioner.

Moore will be the first one to speak up when people question his job. He is smart and knows how to use his wit to his advantage. His extroverted personality makes him perfect for his job.

Maria Baez

" Maybe it's time to follow my gut."

Marisa Ramirez is the only , currently. Baez is Danny's partner that perfectly meshes with his personality. She knows when to reign him in and when to let him run wild, the same way she controls herself.

There are times that Baez is by the book and will not waiver from protocol, but there are other instances when she feels the rules will not help her nail down a suspect and she does what she has to do. Baez will not let a case go if she has a feeling she can solve it.

Eddie Janko

"I knew you were in trouble before you even were."

Eddie Janko had to grow up faster than the other kids around her, which has made her a very intuitive person. Eddie knows when her loved ones, especially Jamie, require help, whether physically or emotionally.

Janko has hidden her feelings in the past, but as she grew to trust Jamie and the rest of the Reagans, she has become more emotionally available. This has developed her character from a mysterious girl who was new on the force to a wise street cop who knows when to be compassionate and when to stay tough.

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