Military homecoming surprise for Kentucky student who hasn't seen sister in 9 months

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. — South Oldham High School played host to an emotional military homecoming Monday. 

U.S. Army Specialist, and South Oldham graduate, Hannah Henning has been deployed in Iraq for the last nine months. 

"It's very different, still getting used to it, getting back, and just the culture shock of everything," she said.

This week, her mom planned special reunions at both Hannah's daughter's and younger sister's schools. 

On Monday, the family headed to South Oldham High School to surprise Hannah's sister Fallon, a junior, in her math class. 

After their emotional reunion, Fallon was in shock.  

"I thought she was supposed to come home later, but I'm just really happy," Fallon said.

Heather Henning, the girls' mom, planned the reunion surprise. She said it's the right thing to do for soldiers returning home. 

"They go away and I don't think people think about the enormity of what this is. When they go away they leave their families and friends and children and they do that for us as Americans," Heather said. 

Hannah said she's still adjusting to being back, but she's glad to be home with her family. 

"I decided to join to provide for my daughter it was just honestly a split decision that I was like 'Hey, this could be beneficial for me and her,' to just provide and give her a better life," Hannah said. 

They've spent the last nine months talking over Facetime but still have a lot to catch up on. As for the first thing they'll do, a family meal is in order. 

"Just chat," Heather said. "My son is here too and my husband, just everybody together."

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