Better Call Saul: What In Liebe Deine Jungs Means In English!

In the TV show Better Call Saul, the phrase "In Liebe Deine Jungs" is etched onto a glass block and is a tribute by the men who worked with Werner Ziegler on Gus Fring's super-lab project. The phrase means "With Love... Your Boys" and was used as a form of grieving as they were unable to attend their boss' funeral.

Werner referred to his workers as "Seine Jungs," which means "his boys," and the glass plaque was a symbol of their tight-knit family bond. The plaque also led Lalo Salamanca to investigate further and eventually discover Gus' super-lab. Lalo's investigation into Werner showed his intelligence and strengthened the connection between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

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