Pink lawn flamingos harbor a sexy hidden meaning at RV parks


It's the swing awakening.

There's nothing wrong with decorating your patch of grass with lawn flamingos — if that's what you're into, of course.

In a new first-person report penned for RV Travel, road tripper Nanci Dixon revealed that those charming pink statuettes outside of tents and RVs are sending a sexy message: Swingers camp here.

Typically, swinging can be defined as a couple getting together sexually with another person, per InStyle, or even swapping partners with another couple.

So, when Dixon arrived to the RV park, she saw a handful of plastic flamingos, and said, "Aren't those cute?"

But when her RV neighbor told her about the true meaning behind the flamingos, she was shocked.


He told her a tale about an oblivious woman who worked in the office of a popular RV park, who jokingly told a couple with a vintage trailer that all they needed was some pink plastic flamingos outside the vehicle to "complete the look."

She was confused when the couple looked offended and said, "We don't do that."

Of course, later, she found out why.

"Our neighbor then mentioned a heavily partying couple in an RV park that had a painting of his wife as a topless mermaid on the front of his coach," Dixon wrote.


"It started to sink in when the neighbor saw the pink flamingos waving in the breeze on the man's golf cart."

Apparently, these pink flamingos are a sign for swinging, and are popping up not just in RV parks, but on cruise ships and in front of houses, Dixon claimed.

In June, The Miami Herald also confirmed this phenomenon, writing that having it on your lawn "says that the occupant of that house is an identifying and practicing swinger."

And, like there are many different sizes and kinds of plastic flamingos one can buy, there's also different kinds of swinging.

There's something called a "soft swap," per InStyle, which means that you engage in sexual activities up until, or including, oral sex.


A "full swap" means going all the way, including intercourse — even anal.

And hanging out at campgrounds isn't the only way to find a potential swinging partner — according to Vice News, there are apps that can help you find others who want to engage in "the lifestyle."

Now, pink flamingos are not the only thing that signal to a swinger's paradise.

Pineapples are another secret sign that represents your openness to swinging, according to The Miami Herald.

Last year, on TikTok, many users took to the app to further explain the phenomenon, which some said even happens at hotels and cruise ships.


Some may stick as people stick pictures of upside-down pineapples to their doors, which signals that you're open to another person joining you later that evening (or morning!)

"People's sex drives tend to go off the charts during vacations," John Kamau, CEO of the hook-up app Cruise Ship Mingle, told The Post at the time, explaining that he's shocked by the number of swinging couples signing up for his, uh, pineapple-friendly service.

And, it seems like swinging is for people of all ages — in February, The Post reported that residents from the Florida retirement complex the Villages were using different colored loofahs to distinguish their different swinging preferences.

For example, a purple loofah allegedly means that you just like to watch, while a pink loofah means you're just down for a soft swap.

In 2009, The Post reported on the Villages, calling the community "ground zero for geriatrics who are seriously getting it on."



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