My husband is much more attractive than I am and I’m jealous

Hannah and Tom were initially a well-matched couple, but over the years, Hannah feels that Tom has become significantly more attractive than her. She describes Tom as aging like a fine wine, becoming fitter and healthier in his fifties. However, Hannah's own appearance has declined due to menopause, with weight gain, prominent signs of aging, and graying hair. She finds it soul-destroying to compare herself to Tom and feels self-conscious about her own appearance. Additionally, Hannah becomes resentful of Tom because he continues to look better. The attention Tom receives from other women adds to her developing resentment. Hannah acknowledges that aging is a reality, but she struggles to embrace it and feels increasingly envious of Tom's attractiveness.

Hannah is experiencing feelings of jealousy towards her husband, Tom, due to the increased attention he receives from other women. She compares herself to him and feels invisible in comparison. Relationship counselor Lauren Bradley explains that jealousy can lead to resentment and problems in a relationship, as the jealous partner may put themselves down or make comparisons that undermine their own confidence. Hannah acknowledges that her jealousy stems from her own lack of self-esteem and discusses it openly with Tom. Bradley emphasizes the importance of communication and taking responsibility for working on insecurities. Seeking therapy can be helpful in exploring the root causes of these issues and developing a healthier relationship with oneself. Hannah is actively working on her mental health and well-being, and she believes that she will soon overcome her jealousy and find happiness within herself.

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