Luke Bryan brings soldier wife on stage & takes her breath away with the most precious gift

Experiencing reunions can be incredibly emotional.

Just imagine the days go into months, and for some, up to a year of not seeing the person you love.

More than anyone, soldiers, including their families, know the intense feeling of longing.

Aside from missing your loved one, you also worry about them constantly.

You just find yourself praying and wishing that they are okay and the day would come when you get to hug and kiss them again.

Shannon Dorvee's husband, Army 1st Sargeant, Jeff Dorvee, has been fighting overseas for a couple of years now.

The soldier's wife was unaware that seeing the American Idol judge, and country singer Luke Bryan, would also be the day she would reunite with her husband.

Luke Bryan, whose real name was Thomas Luther Bryan, was born on July 17, 1976, in Leesburg, Georgia.

He is a country music superstar known for his energetic performances and catchy songs.

Aside from that, Luke Bryan has served as a judge on "American Idol" and is also known for his wide philanthropic endeavors.

If you know him, then you also know some of his hit songs, such as "All My Friends Say," "Do I," and "Country Girl."

Last June 16, 2023, Luke Bryan held a concert at Darien Center, New York.

There, he serenaded his fans with his beautiful music.

As he sang, he stopped and looked at the people with front-row seats.

He asked if Shannon Dorvee was in the crowd, and she answered.

"So, Shannon's husband has been fighting overseas for a couple of years and I want to get her to help me. Come up here with me right now! Yeah, come here!" Luke shared with the audience.

Shannon, wearing a black shirt that read #LukeSquad, was shocked as Luke asked her to come up to the stage with him.

Having the chance to sing with your idol, was indeed, a great honor.

She eventually went up the stage and she was able to greet Luke.

Both sang the song Country On, and the crowd cheered.

Shannon was so happy, but then, she was taken aback when the crowd suddenly screamed with excitement.

She turned around, and there, she saw her husband, Jeffrey, in uniform.

Jeffrey opened his arms and hugged his wife, Shannon, tightly.

Shannon's eyes were filled with tears as she embraced her husband, who she hadn't seen for over a year.

Some people clapped, some cried, and some took photos and videos.

It was, indeed, a very special moment.

On June 17, Shannon posted a beautiful family photo of her, Jeff, and their kids, with the caption, "Reunited and it feels so good. "

A day after, Luke Bryan posted the touching reunion on his Instagram page and captioned it, "Glad to be a part of this reunion."

Jeff had spent most of last year in East Africa, where he was deployed.

He also shared receiving an "unexpected" Commendation Medal in March 2023.

It was from the US Navy for "planning and executing" most of their training drills for the Army and Navy.

On June 3, he was awarded a Joint Defense Meritorious Service Medal upon completing his mission in Africa.

He felt so excited about going home and thought of an amazing way to surprise his wife.

Thanks to Luke Bryan and his team, they surprised Shannon and gave her a memorable experience.

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