Boy with special needs who hasn’t seen deployed dad in ages has no idea he’s right behind him

Going away due to the call of duty is challenging for members of the military and their families.

However, it's also touching to see the reunion, especially for kids who dearly miss their loved ones in the military.

Technical Sergeant John Grieten was deployed for about six months in Southeast Asia.

When he returned in May 2016, he surprised his kids at school.

One of them was Joshua, who has Down's Syndrome.

In the video, John was just behind the table where Joshua was sitting, along with other people.

When the time was finally right, John went in and asked, "Can I sit here?"

Shocked, it took a few seconds before Joshua realized it was his dad in front of him.

He uttered, "Dad?" and immediately hugged his father.

It was indeed an emotional moment.

Joshua always radiates joy, but he is overwhelmed with happiness upon seeing and hugging his dad after six months of being away.

Though overwhelmed with joy, Joshua never forgot his manners and introduced John to everyone.

"Everybody, this is my dad," he said, being so proud of his father.

John still had a long day as he had another child, a daughter named Jessica, who was as oblivious as her older brother that their dad was home.

Her reaction was as glorious as her brother's.

Just as how military men trained in combat, John sneaked into the school's pantry area and waited for the right moment to move beside his daughter.

Then he asked, "Hey, is this seat open?" Jessica stood up and jumped into her dad's arms, shouting, "Daddy!"

These moments are indeed unforgettable and tear-jerking at times.

It clearly shows how much kids miss their loved ones who are deployed.

The thought of them being relieved that the people they care about are home with them and spending time with them is so precious.

The video has been watched almost 500 thousand times since it was posted.

Comments were flooded with awe and appreciation for the members of the military who have to leave on deployment.

One user commented:

"My son was born with Down's syndrome. He is five now, and this video just made my heart melt. I was a Firefighter, and every time after coming back from a call, no matter what or how bad it was, my little man was there to lift my spirit back up. Thank you for posting this video, and thank you for your service. God bless."

Another user commented, "The best thing in this video was, for me the face of the father. There is just joy to hold his son, without every difference to his daughter. This boy gets the same love… Very touching to see this."

The love and affection of a father for his two kids can truly be seen in the video.

And that love is also reciprocated by Joshua and Jessica regarding their dad, who missed them so much for the long six months while he was away from home.

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