British Grandmother, 83, Splits From Her Toyboy Egyptian Husband, 37!

British grandmother Iris Jones, 83, who gained national fame for sharing intimate details of her sex life with her Egyptian toyboy husband, Mohamed Ibriham, 37, on TV show This Morning, has announced that the couple has split. The pair met on Facebook in 2019 and got married in 2020. However, their relationship became strained over time, with constant arguing replacing their once intimate moments.

Iris, who is enjoying life with her new cat, expressed that she is not missing Mohamed and is relieved that she can now eat her tempura battered prawns without him taking them. The couple's relationship was often a topic of debate among fans, with some supporting their love and others doubting Mohamed's intentions. Mohamed, who vehemently denied being with Iris for a passport, defended their relationship on This Morning, stating that love knows no age or nationality and that he chose Iris. Despite the split, Mohamed emphasized that where they live doesn't matter to him; what's important is being with Iris.

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