Kaley Cuoco Says a Plant Was Making Her Dog King 'Violently Ill'!

Kaley Cuoco recently shared a concerning experience involving her dog, King, on her Instagram Stories. She revealed that her dog had been violently ill for the past two months and they couldn't figure out the cause. After numerous vet appointments and unsuccessful treatments, they finally found a specialist who discovered two foxtails in King's body, dangerously close to piercing his heart.

King underwent emergency surgery and is now recovering. Cuoco shared photos of King's shaved body and stitched wounds to raise awareness about the dangers of foxtails and the importance of removing them surgically. Cuoco, who is known for her love of animals, also emphasized the need to take proper care of pets. She expressed her gratitude that King is now doing well and will be able to live a long and happy life. The actress has five rescue dogs, as well as horses and farm animals.

She and her partner Tom Pelphrey recently said goodbye to their dog Dump Truck, whom they fondly called "Dumpy." In a heartfelt tribute, Pelphrey described Dump Truck as a special dog with a big personality. This isn't the first time Cuoco has experienced the loss of a beloved pet. Two years ago, she had to say goodbye to her dog Norman at the age of 14. Cuoco's recent ordeal with King serves as a reminder for all dog lovers to be vigilant and attentive to their pets' health and well-being.

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