Unbelievable! ‘Human Skin’ Jackets Available To Order Online For $720: ‘Gory And Sick’!

It feels just like a second skin.

A jacket made of “human flesh” can be had for just $720 — and fashionistas are fawning over the custom-made gory garments.

The creepy coats can be ordered online via the eBay account  and take about three weeks to make, according to Jam Press.

The seller — who has not disclosed his real name — says his coats are only made to resemble human flesh and are not actually comprised of the real thing.

“Human Skin Jacket — made to order,” a product description states.

“Here’s how it works. You send me a jacket that you know fits and feels right to you. I then cover it in a replica of human skin and either deliver it to you or dispatch it to you.”

The eerie items are reminiscent of the sickening skin coats crafted by the in Jonathan Demme’s 1991 thriller

The faux-flesh peddler says each jacket will have “one external pocket and one internal pocket.”

Each of the items is made from a unique “silicone latex laminate” and “tattoos” and “human nipples” can be added to the heavy coats.

Although the disturbing designs are likely to horrify onlookers, several customers have praised the coat-maker’s creepy couture. One has even ordered multiple jackets.

“Another brilliant piece of art from this friendly and professional seller,” the repeat buyer gushed.

“Highly recommended and much appreciated,” another satisfied customer cooed.

A third praised the items as “gory and sick,” while a fourth fawned: “A true piece of artwork that I will enjoy for years to come. Life-like and death-like at the same time.”

In addition to the flesh jackets, the crafter also sells death masks and 

But the creepy coats aren’t the only strange skin-related items to recently make news.

Last October, a pair of — dubbed “necropants” — were put on display in a museum in Iceland. In that country, during the 17th century, it was considered good luck to cut off the flesh of a deceased person’s legs and attach it to pants.

Meanwhile, Nazis at Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany are believed to have crafted a  from the skin of Holocaust victims.  described it as “one of the most gruesome artifacts of the Nazi persecution of Jews.”

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