Raccoon runs wild through airport, causing terrified passengers to scream


He's not "gonna fly now."

A raccoon was seen scurrying out of a baggage claim chute inside Philadelphia International Airport Tuesday night, causing passengers to shriek and jump away as the furry, masked mammal coon-quered the area.

But before the unnamed critter began its descent of terror, the animal tried running against the conveyor belt and back behind the scenes — but a maroon suitcase halted the racoon around 7:30 p.m.

"It would be like you would walk down an escalator that was going up," eyewitness Sara Higgins told ABC6 of the unexpected baggage found in the terminal B/C area.

"We could see its tail and we're like, 'That is a live animal!'"


After being unable to retreat into the nocturnal environment, the raccoon cleared the luggge carousel after a moment of disorientation and ultimately made a break for a nearby vending machine, hiding under it.

Airport officials say that raccoons from nearby John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge are known to pay the transit center a visit from time to time, according to ABC6.

"The raccoon in the video most likely got lost in one of the baggage tunnels and was attempting to get out," PHL officials said through a statement.

"The airport works with the [United States Department of Agriculture] to set humane traps for raccoons."

But this isn't a first of its kind problem in the city of brotherly love.

Last October, a fellow racoon made its way into a vending area of the airport and made off with some snacks before vanishing.

"He likes twizzlers!" one woman shouted on camera.



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