Moment Amazon deliveryman dives into customer’s pool fully clothed

He's a delivery diver.

An Amazon deliveryman found an unusual way to beat the Southern California heat — diving fully clothed into a customer's pool.

The unidentified driver is making quite the splash on social media after being captured on a security camera in the Los Angeles suburb of Gardena, according to the video-sharing site ViralHog.

The homeowner had left a note for the deliveryman by the pool, saying: "If you want to go for a swim, you are welcome to."

The video shows the driver reading the note after dropping off his package — then removing his phone before making a beeline for the pool's small diving board.

Without a moment's hesitation, the delivery driver — still dressed in his full uniform, complete with an Amazon cap and shoes — jumps onto the board and dives into the water.

The homeowner later shared on TikTok that he did not expect the Amazon staffer to follow through with the impromptu dip.

"I didn't expect him to do it UNTIL I checked the security footage…," the owner wrote, adding: "Bro let his intrusive thoughts win. "

Additional security footage from the property showed the now-drenched but refreshed Amazon deliveryman racing to his car parked outside and speeding away.

It's unclear why the worker felt such an urgent need to cool off, considering that temperatures in Gardena, California, only reached a mild 76 degrees that day, according to data from

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