Child's Reaction to Soldier Father Returning Home is Leaving Netizens Emotional

The life of army kids and wives can be extremely hard. For them, there is always an uncertainty about hearing from their family member and the doubt about meeting them again. A video which has gone viral shows the reaction of a child when he sees his soldier father and it has left the netizens' hearts melting. "The soldier father surprised his son when he returned from duty," read the caption of the beautiful video. In the video, the father can be seen entering the room as the blindfolded child's mother shushes everyone and walks up to the young boy. He thinks it is his trainer and begins kickboxing. However, further, into the video, he recognises the father's voice and squeaks, "Daddy", before taking off the blindfold. The next moment, he removes his blindfold and breaks down.

The clip was originally shared by News 4 Nashville.

Since uploaded, the video has managed to gather 10.5 million views. "This is so heartwarming and a small display of one of the most beautiful relationships in the whole universe! Got literal tears watching this, I wish I also had this luxury," wrote a person in the comment section. Another person wrote, "How moving. When they are away fighting the money and oil wars in gulf do they not think once before killing people and leaving orphans behind. Do they not feel a little bit of guilt for killing children."

The video has over 15K likes. "Everyone wants Happy life with their near & dear one's. World is under the clouds of war due to power tussle of leaders, destroying many families. Praying for peace & prosperity for everyone irrespective of nation, religion, cast, creed !!" commented another Twitter user.

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