Cardi B Reveals She Dropped $20,000 On Playground Set For Her Children!

Cardi B recently revealed that she spent over $20,000 on a playground set for her two children, Kulture and Wave. The set includes a huge jungle gym with slides, swing sets, and monkey bars. In an interview with the New York Times, Cardi expressed how important it is for her to give back to her loved ones, stating that buying her mother a house and her own house meant a lot to her.

She believes that overly spending on her children doesn't make her a great parent, but it does make her feel like she's living her childhood dream. Cardi B and her husband Offset have had their share of relationship troubles, including allegations of infidelity. Offset recently claimed that Cardi cheated on him, which sparked a heated argument between the couple. However, they have since resolved their differences and are working through their problems. Cardi defended herself against Offset's accusations on Twitter, urging her fans not to pay attention to his claims.

The rapper's love for her children is evident in her extravagant purchase of the playground set. She believes in giving her kids the world and wants them to have the best experiences in life. Cardi sees this purchase as a way to fulfill her childhood dream and make her children happy. Despite their ups and downs, Cardi and Offset continue to prioritize their family and work through their issues. Ultimately, Cardi B's story showcases her dedication to her children and her desire to provide them with the best. She understands the importance of giving back to her loved ones and cherishes the moments she can create for her family.

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