Babysitter At Centre Of Murder Investigation Claims Bub Fell From Pram!

A babysitter named Quentin Corrigan has admitted that a 17-month-old boy named Ronan slipped out of his pram while under his care. Corrigan said that he dropped Ronan off at his parents' home and that the baby seemed fine. Later, Ronan was taken to the hospital with critical head injuries and other internal injuries. He passed away two days later. The police have launched a murder investigation and are focusing on the two days that Ronan was with his parents' friends, including Corrigan.

Corrigan denies assaulting the baby and claims that Ronan slipped out of the pram but appeared fine afterwards. CCTV footage shows two men pushing a pram similar to Ronan's before he was taken to the hospital. Ronan's parents describe him as playful and happy, and his father still searches for him. The police are asking for any information regarding Ronan's death. 

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