'My Wedding Photographer Spied On Me Naked With Camera Hidden In My Dressing Room': Bride Tells How She Fell Victim To Pervert Snapper Who Was Later Jailed For Voyeurism After Secretly Filming 35 Women Getting Undressed!

Michelle Pharo, a former model, recently revealed her shocking experience with her wedding photographer, David Glover. It was discovered that Glover had secretly filmed her undressing during a shoot years earlier. Michelle considered Glover a friend and trusted him, but little did she know that he was spying on her with a hidden camera. He hid the camera in an alarm clock in the dressing room of his studio and filmed her for 40 minutes. Unaware of Glover's actions, Michelle later hired him as her wedding photographer, paying him the full price of £1500.

It was only after reading a news article in 2021 about Glover being arrested for voyeurism that she realized she might have been one of his victims. She contacted the police and provided them with an image of herself to confirm if she had been filmed. To her horror, the police informed her that Glover had indeed taken a 40-minute video of her getting changed during the shoot where her husband was present. Glover's arrest revealed that he had filmed over 100 women by hiding cameras in the dressing rooms of his studio.

Michelle, along with her friend from the modeling industry, decided to report him to the police. In March of this year, Glover pleaded guilty to five counts of voyeurism and was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison. Michelle has chosen to speak out about her experience to encourage other potential victims to come forward and seek justice. She wants others to be aware of Glover's actions and hopes that he will learn his lesson. This horrifying ordeal has had a significant impact on Michelle's life.

She no longer models and is constantly on alert, even when using public restrooms, to ensure there are no hidden cameras. The happy memories of her wedding day have been tainted by what Glover did. Michelle's bravery in speaking up highlights the importance of raising awareness about such incidents and urging others to come forward. By sharing her story, she hopes to prevent others from falling victim to perverted individuals like David Glover.

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