Doordash Customer Slams His Delivery Driver For Complaining That His 30% Tip Was Not Enough Because He Judged Him For Having a 'Nice House': 'People Are Greedy'!

A DoorDash customer was shocked when his delivery driver complained that his 30% tip on a $15 order was not enough, implying that he should have given more due to his "nice house." The customer, Dr. Ethan Melillo, had ordered a meal and a drink and added a $5 tip for the worker.

Despite this, the driver still expressed dissatisfaction. Dr. Melillo, who knows the challenges of working in the food industry, believed his tip was generous. He expressed his frustration in a video, mentioning that a 10 to 20-minute ride is normal in Rhode Island, where he lives. Social media users supported him, stating that his tip was appropriate considering the distance and his house's appearance.

This incident follows another DoorDash customer, disabled military veteran Lacey Purciful, who was sworn at by an entitled driver for giving a 25% tip on a $20 Pizza Hut order. Both customers expressed disappointment with DoorDash's service and previous issues they had experienced. DoorDash has promised to investigate the incidents, but customer dissatisfaction remains.

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