Elon Musk Reveals Plans To Replace Twitter's Bird Logo With an 'X'!

Elon Musk has officially announced that he is rebranding Twitter by changing its name to 'X' and replacing the platform's iconic blue bird logo with the letter 'X'. This change comes as part of Musk's efforts to revive the social media platform, which has been facing reduced usership and increased competition. Musk hinted at these changes in a series of tweets, stating that the new logo would be implemented soon. He also revealed that the URL redirect from X.com to Twitter.com is already in place.

Many users expressed their thoughts on the rebrand, suggesting new logo designs and questioning Musk's reasons behind the new name. Some sarcastically pointed out the dilemma of finding a new term for "tweeting". Musk responded to the sarcastic posts in his usual fashion, asking his followers what they should call posting on the platform. Musk later revealed that the new logo will have an Art Deco style.

The current logo, Larry the Bird, has been Twitter's emblem since its creation in 2006. The rebranding of Twitter follows Musk's launch of his new AI startup, xAI, which aims to provide an alternative to ChatGPT. The logo change is part of a series of changes that Musk has made since taking over Twitter, including laying off employees and monetizing the blue check status. Twitter has threatened to sue Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, over allegedly stolen trade secrets.

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