Rihanna Shows Off Baby Bump And Pregnancy Glow While Arriving To Celeb Hot Spot Giorgio Baldi In Santa Monica With Son Rza In Her Arms!

Rihanna arrived at the popular restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, showing off her baby bump and a radiant pregnancy glow. She wore a crop top and jeans, paired with a shiny long coat printed with $100 bills. The singer had braided pigtails, and she cradled her one-year-old son RZA in her arms as he slept. RZA was dressed in jeans and a matching denim jacket. Rihanna shares her son with her husband, rapper A$AP Rocky. The couple has been together since 2020 and was featured on the cover of British Vogue earlier this year.

Rihanna described Rocky as her "best friend" and said that she can't remember what life was like before having her son. Becoming a mother has been a transformative experience for Rihanna. She said that motherhood is everything and that you can't remember life before it. She described giving birth as a challenging experience, and the first few months as a mother were a rollercoaster.

Rihanna admitted that she and Rocky had no help when they brought their baby home and that they were exhausted. Raising a young Black man is a scary responsibility for Rihanna. She worries about the world she is leaving her children to and the planet they will grow up on. However, having a child has brought Rihanna and Rocky closer together. She said that everything changes when you have a baby, and she feels a deep bond with her son. Rihanna also gushed about the close relationship between her son and his father, saying that they have an undeniable connection. Overall, Rihanna is radiant and glowing during her pregnancy. She is excited to embrace motherhood and is grateful for the deep bond she shares with her son and husband.

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