Kevin Costner’s estranged wife blasts ‘inappropriate’ $52K child support payment proposal

Kevin Costner's estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, has filed documents expressing her opposition to husband's child support payments of around $52,000 per month. Baumgartner stated in the documents that she believes the sum is "completely inappropriate" and that her children's needs are only $248,000 per month. Costner is currently paying $51,940 per month in child support for their three underage children. Baumgartner maintains that the funds are necessary to maintain their lifestyle, which includes private assistants, cooks, cleaners, and other helpers. Costner, on the other hand, argues that the current amount is reasonable and that he cannot afford to pay more due to a decline in his income. He also alleges that Baumgartner spends a significant amount of money on unnecessary expenses, such as cosmetic surgery, and claims that she is seeking a higher amount to fund those expenses. The couple is currently in the midst of a contentious divorce, and the recent filing is only the latest in a string of legal actions. The actor has offered to pay additional amounts for expenses, including a rental property for Baumgartner and her children, but she disagrees with the amount, claiming it is not enough. The court will likely need to determine the appropriate amount of child support, considering the conflicting opinions of both parties.

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