Military Dad Meets 8-Month-Old Son For The First Time In Emotional

Our soldiers sacrifice a lot for the sake of protecting our country as they spend months and years away from their families often missing out on important milestones.

Andra and Skylar were high school sweethearts and soon they got married and when their first child was about to be born, Andrew, an Army National Guard sergeant, got the news that he was being deployed to the Middle East.

Skyla was six months pregnant and they stayed in contact with one another through facetime, even during labor. Soon their baby boy Micah was born and after 8 months, the sergeant got the news that he was headed home.

Andra and Micah were waiting in the airport hangar in Louisiana and as dad was coming through the crowd, he saw his wife and baby waiting eagerly for him.

He hugged his wife and kissed her and was overwhelmed with emotion on seeing his new baby boy. Picking him up and holding him for the first time Andrew could be seen holding back the tears. Baby Micah is doing well and the family is spending every moment they have together to make up for all the lost time.

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