Canadian Man Fired From Job After Saving Adorable Baby Moose!

A Canadian man named Mark Skage was fired from his job after rescuing a baby moose from a black bear. Skage saw the moose calf alone on the side of a busy highway in British Columbia and decided to help. He scared off the bear and let the moose calf sit in the front seat of his truck while he looked for a safe place for it.

Skage believed he did the right thing, but his employer, AFD Petroleum Inc., fired him for breaking wildlife protocols. They criticized him for transporting the moose calf in his company vehicle for many hours and causing potential harm to the moose. Skage believes he saved not just one moose calf, but a whole lineage of future moose. The company, however, considered his actions a violation of wildlife interaction protocols and expressed concern for the safety of their employee and others on the road.

Skage acknowledged that what he did was illegal and dangerous, warning against handling wild animals without proper expertise. The B.C. Conservation Officer Service is investigating the incident. It is always best to provide space between yourself and wild animals and call the experts for help.

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