Love endures for soldier who lost both arms, sight during war

Andriy and Alina Smolensky, a young couple from Ukraine, had a love story interrupted by the Russian invasion in 2022. When Andriy decided to join the fight to protect his country, Alina understood and supported his decision. However, tragedy struck when Andriy lost both his arms and his sight while on duty. Despite the devastating news, Alina rushed to be by his side, grateful that he was alive. Andriy struggled with the realization that his dreams and career were shattered, but he found solace in the fact that he could still talk, hear, and remember who he was. Alina remained steadfast in her support, understanding the importance of emotional and medical assistance in Andriy's recovery. They hoped to access prosthetics and new technologies abroad to help restore some of Andriy's abilities. The couple faced their challenges one day at a time, with Alina emphasizing that her actions were driven by love rather than heroism.

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