'We Owe Them an Identity and Culture': Space Force's STARCOM Gets New Commander

Brig. Gen. Timothy Sejba has taken over as the commander of STARCOM (Space Training and Readiness Command), becoming the first Guardian to lead the command responsible for training policy and doctrine for the entire Space Force. He succeeded Maj. Gen. Shawn Bratton, an Air Force officer who was the first commander of STARCOM. Sejba's role involves preparing 8,600 Guardians for space warfare through training and policy while also fostering a military culture and identity for the Space Force.

He plans to build upon Bratton's work and may explore changes to the basic military training program, including potentially moving boot camp to a separate location. One of the ongoing challenges for the Space Force is building its culture and gaining public recognition. The permanent headquarters for STARCOM is expected to be located at Patrick Space Force Base in Florida, pending an environmental impact analysis. Bratton, who will transfer from the Air Force to the Space Force, has been nominated for promotion to lieutenant general for his next assignment at Space Force headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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