20 Telltale Signs You've Served Time in the Military!

Whether it's been twenty years or only six months, every military spouse has those moments when you realize that the military has kind-of-sort-of taken over your life. No matter how hard you fight it, no matter how much you resist it, the military sneaks into your relationship, your worldview, and even your text messages.

Below, 25 telltale signs you're a military spouse.

1. You don't think long distance relationships are a deal breaker -- and you have the love letters to prove it.

2. You are incredibly close friends with someone you never would have crossed paths with without the military.

3. You have spent at least two of the following without your significant other: a) birthday b) Christmas/New Year's c) anniversary d) birth of your child

4. Which means you have probably snuggled way too intensely with one of these (or at least understand the desire):

5. But you don't really care because you know that homecomings are so much better than every holiday rolled into one:

6. You keep a stash of various home items that don't go in the current house, because you know they might go in the next one. After all, when you move every 2-3 years, this is your motto:

7. You know what a "daddy doll" is and you choke up when you see a child hugging one.

8. You are guilty of using one of the following in conversation or a text message: a) tracking b) roger c) wilco

9. You have shamelessly used the military card to get out of a tough spot at least once (e.g., speeding ticket, airline issues, even dinner reservations).

10. You understand the kind of self-sacrificing, we-can-overcome-anything romance that most people think only exists in movies or nineteenth-century novels.

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