Flight From Philly To Vegas Diverts After Huge Catfight Erupts Mid-Air!

A packed Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Las Vegas was forced to divert to Denver after two women began brawling mid-air. The women can be seen in shocking footage screaming and yelling at each other while other passengers try to restrain them. The situation escalated as frustrated travelers begged the women to "shut up" and "get some class". One of the women even struck a man on the head as she moved down the aisle. After attempts to calm them failed, the flight was diverted and the women were removed by police.

It is unclear what initially caused the fight, but one of the women had fought with a passenger she was sitting close to. Flight attendants made multiple attempts to calm the situation, but the women continued to berate each other. Passengers voiced their anger at the women, and sarcastically cheered as they were removed from the plane in Denver. The flight eventually landed in Las Vegas one hour later than scheduled. It is unclear if charges have been filed against the women.

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