Man who spent $15,000 to become a collie finally goes outside!

A Japanese man named Toco, who has a desire to "become an animal," recently took his first walk outside in a bespoke collie costume worth over £12,000. Toco, who has gained internet fame for his unusual hobby, spent two million Yen on the lifelike costume to fulfill his lifelong fantasy. In a series of videos on his YouTube channel, Toco was seen playing on all fours in his backyard and attempting to perform tricks for fake dog food.

But now, he has decided to venture into the outside world for the first time to meet other people and animals. In the videos, Toco is seen being taken for a walk on a leash and interacting with other dogs in a park. His antics were well-received by passers-by and other dogs, who appeared curious. Despite his cult following, Toco is not yet ready to reveal his true identity. He has kept his face hidden because he doesn't want to be judged by people he knows.

Toco said he enjoys "doing things that only dogs do" and finds fulfillment in his dog-like activities. The collie costume was custom-made by Japanese company Zeppet and took 40 days to create. Toco's videos have inspired like-minded individuals, with fans expressing their admiration and hopes of fulfilling their own dreams of becoming animals.

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