I've Secretly Been Feeding My Vegan Toddler Meat Behind My Wife's Back!

A man secretly feeds meat to his vegan toddler behind his wife's back. However, he accidentally slips up and his wife finds out. She becomes furious and threatens to divorce him, feeling betrayed and believing that he is harming their daughter. The man wonders if his wife is overreacting. An advice columnist reassures him that his wife's demands for their daughter to be vegan are selfish and difficult.

The columnist suggests having an honest conversation and consulting with a pediatrician to ensure the child's well-being. The columnist encourages compromise, allowing the daughter to try different foods while still maintaining a mostly plant-based diet. The man realizes that living up to someone else's standards is exhausting and unrealistic.

He learns to prioritize his daughter's well-being while understanding that slips may happen. In the end, the advice columnist emphasizes the importance of accepting others on their own terms and suggests therapy for the man to heal from the abusive relationship he had in the past. The columnist advises taking things slow in future relationships and being aware of red flags and warning signs. The man is encouraged to move forward and find healing.

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